Top 16 Best Text To Speech Apps For iPhone

In today’s fast-paced world, technology has made our lives easier. One such innovation is the text-to-speech (TTS) feature that converts written words into spoken language. This functionality can be handy for individuals with visual impairments or those who prefer listening rather than reading.

If you own an iPhone and are looking for the best TTS apps, you’re in luck! This blog post will explore the top 16 text-to-speech apps designed for iPhones. These apps offer a range of features and customization options to enhance your experience and make it more accessible.

Without further ado, let’s dive into our list of the best text-to-speech apps for iPhones!

The Best Text To Speech Apps For iPhone

1. Voice Dream Reader:

Voice Dream Reader is one of the most popular TTS apps available on iOS devices. It supports multiple file formats like PDFs, eBooks, web pages, Word documents, and more. The app offers high-quality voices with various accents, adjustable reading speed, and font size settings.

2. NaturalReader Text To Speech:

NaturalReader Text To Speech provides a user-friendly interface and excellent voice quality options using natural-sounding voices that sound almost human-like while reading texts aloud on your iPhone screen.

3. Talkify:

Talkify stands out because it can read articles directly from Safari or other browsers by sharing them within the Talkify app extension without copying-pasting URLs manually, making it highly convenient when browsing websites.

4. iSpeech Translator Pro

iSpeech Translator Pro not only converts written content into speech but also translates it into different languages simultaneously, making it ideal if you frequently deal with multilingual situations, whether traveling abroad or communicating online globally

5. Read Aloud -Text To Speech

Read Aloud-Text To Speech reads documents stored locally on your device, including files shared via iCloud Drive, allowing easy access to your favorite books or documents on the go.

6. Voice Aloud Reader

Voice Aloud Reader supports many formats, including PDF, EPUB, Word documents, and HTML. It also integrates with cloud storage services like Google Drive and Dropbox for easy file access.

7.T2S: Text To Voice – Read aloud:

T2S is a simple yet effective text-to-speech app that easily converts written content into spoken words. The app offers various voices and languages along with adjustable reading speed options.

8. Speak it! Text To Speech:

Speak it! Text To Speech provides an intuitive interface where you can type or paste the desired text for instant conversion into speech. You can adjust voice settings such as pitch, volume, and speaking rate according to your preference.

9. Capti Narrator:

Capti Narrator not only reads out texts but also lets you create playlists from different sources like web pages, eBooks, and PDFs, making it easier to organize and listen to multiple articles in one go without interruptions

10.ClaroSpeak Plus -Text-to-Speech App

ClaroSpeak Plus offers high-quality voices in multiple languages along with highlighting features that make following along while listening much easier, especially when dealing with complex materials or foreign language learning

11.ReadSpeaker TextAid-Text-To-Speech App

ReadSpeaker TextAid focuses on providing accessibility solutions tailored explicitly towards students by offering tools like synchronized highlighting while reading textbooks, allowing better comprehension during studying sessions

12. Narrator’s Voice:

Narrator’s Voice stands out due to its ability to generate audio clips using custom-created characters mimicking famous personalities and fictional characters, adding fun elements of personalization to the overall experience

13. Ava – 24/7 Accessible Life :

Ava aims to provide a real-time captioning transcription service combined with TTS technology, enabling individuals who are deaf hard hearing to participate in conversations and meetings, effectively improving communication inclusivity in all aspects of life

14.Voice4u TTS – Text to Speech:

Voice4u TTS is designed for individuals with speech difficulties or non-verbal communication. The app allows you to type in sentences and have them spoken out loud, making it easier for users to express themselves.

15. Speech Central: Web Text-to-Speech

Speech Central focuses on converting web articles into audio format by utilizing the built-in Safari browser extension, allowing seamless integration while browsing your favorite websites and news sources without any additional steps required

16. Talk For Me -Text To Speech App

Talk For Me is specifically developed to assist people who cannot speak to communicate effectively using pre-programmed phrases and customizable buttons that generate audible voice output when pressed, eliminating the need to rely solely on gestures and writing tools


With the advancement of technology, text-to-speech apps have become incredibly powerful and accessible. Whether you’re someone with visual impairments, prefer listening to written content, or simply want a convenient way to consume information on your iPhone, these top 16 TTS apps offer a range of features and customization options to suit your needs.

From Voice Dream Reader’s support for multiple file formats to NaturalReader Text To Speech’s human-like voices, there is an app for every preference. Additionally, apps like iSpeech Translator Pro and Capti Narrator provide additional functionalities such as translation capabilities and playlist creation.

No matter which app you choose from this list, rest assured that it will enhance your accessibility experience by converting written words into spoken language seamlessly. So go ahead and explore these incredible text-to-speech apps for iPhone – they may revolutionize how you interact with written content!

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